Caught in the icy waters of the Northeast Atlantic, haddock is transformed into delicious smoked haddock after being carefully salted, prepared and smoked in our workshops.

Very popular in Norway, where it is the main ingredient of famous Norwegian fish balls, haddock is also very popular in British gastronomy, and often appears in the iconic “Fish & Chips”.



The haddock’s exceptional flavour is carefully crafted. To become smoked haddock, haddock undergoes meticulous preparation that replicates ancestral know-how. Firstly, the fish is salted in brine, a mixture of water and salt. It is then plunged into annatto seed, an exotic fruit extract whose natural pigment offers creates the characteristic colour of Dutch cheeses such as mimolette or cheddar.

After drying, the fish is delicately placed in our coresses to be cold-smoked. Several hours later, the haddock reveals its soft, mellow flesh to perfection. A feast for the eyes and taste buds. To meet the needs of top chefs, haddock can also be prepared without colouring to preserve its amber flesh.

You can buy some of our products in our e-shop, but there are many other products for you to discover. Ask your fishmonger for a whole Scottish Salmon, string-smoked and sliced, ​​or a ready-to-eat terrine of tender herrings diced and then marinated with oil and organic herbs or even beautiful fillets of white haddock (without natural annatto colouring).

You will find the perfect meal for two or for the whole family and if your fishmonger does not sell J.C. David products, fill in the name of your place of residence in the section “Where to find our products” or call us.


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