The company

Our values

We practise our activities with a foundation of values and principles we have formalised in our ethical Charter.

We deem respecting and sharing the latter with all of our co-workers and partners an essential condition to the development and life of J.C. DAVID.

The relations with our clients, our employees, colleagues and managers are based on respecting our mutual commitments.

The solidarity between the different departments is a reality in our company. The teamwork that results from it makes it possible, thanks to our adaptability, to be more flexible faced with the economic environment and with our customers’ expectations, on which our development depends.

It is the responsibility of us all to guarantee our customers’ health security, by attaching as much importance to the means as to the end –the results themselves.

Our ambition

Secure our position as leader of maritime salting by offering the finest of taste and pleasure to consume, thanks to 100% natural products.

  • Preserving our historical foundations

We are reaching for the perfect marriage between fish, salt and fire, preserving an ancestral know-how in the context of a constant modern pursuit of quality.

  • Developing a premium products range

We want to offer a range of varied and high quality products, combining natural flavours and textures to satisfy a clientele of consumers and professionals who care more and more about consuming “healthy and good” products.

  • Controlling our development

For nearly fifteen years, we have adopted a managing mode that ensures a perennial progression while maintaining our level of excellence: “always put quality first.”

  • Promoting a universal respect

Always ready to listen to our staff, our clients and our suppliers, we progress by respecting tradition, the local economy, a sustainable sharing of our natural resources and the protection of our environment.

In the beginning

Madame Marcelle DAVID, 11 years old at the time, started working for a well-known maritime salting company of the city.

She finished her career as forewoman and passed down her know-how to her son Jean-Claude.



Jean-Claude DAVID created the S.A. J.C. DAVID and began his activity of salting and curing in a little craft workshop of the port area in Boulogne-sur-Mer, called Capecure.

He kept his production for the retail business, the great Parisian traditional brasseries and the wholesalers who supply them.


Hervé Diers

On September 21, 2001, Jean-Claude DAVID retired and sold the J.C. DAVID establishments to Hervé DIERS. The latter had occupied management positions within leading companies such as FRIGECREME when it used to belong to DANONE, and TEISSEIRE, the leader in the cordial industry.

He then specialised in Brittany in cooked pork meats curing, as operational director for the development of the Grand Saloir Saint-Nicolas, the turnover of which he tripled in six years.


New premises

On November 2, 2007, the J.C. DAVID establishments moved to the former buildings of the most famous traditional maritime salting company, Gaston SEILLIER, founded in 1928. The premises had been abandoned since 1996. Two million euros were invested to make this quality house the most modern of the traditional salting companies.

Its 20 wood ovens and its 6 six-ton herrings tanks guarantee that it stays the oldest but also the most traditional salting company of Europe.



On May 6, 2011, the company received the highest level of IFS Food (International Featured Standard).

It also received the ‘‘Patrimoine Vivant” label (“Live Heritage Company”) for the excellence of its French know-how.